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– Richard Sprunger

15 years ago I was an active duty Navy S.E.A.L. having just completed basic S.C.A.R.S.training (Our Hand To Hand Training) and C.Q.B. training (Close Quarters Battle) I also had a Testing Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and started training in a local San Diego Kempo school.

As Martial Arts and Self Defense Training goes I thought I was on top of it. I had a good basic background with my Shotakan and quite a bit of advanced training with the SEAL Team. Then I met Master Fugate, I felt like I was back at ground zero, a friend of mine introduced me to Master Fugate. After just one week of watching and training with him I realized that it is not the art that makes the man effective, but the man that makes the art effective.

Sure for the beginner, any art can make you effective in the beginning, but if it’s maximum efficiency and effectiveness is your goal then Master Fugate’s system is what you’re looking for. His attention to detail, understanding of Martial Arts and skill sets made the training I already had more effective than had ever thought possible and the new training and skills I learned were exactly what was needed to make me more effective for both Street and Combat Survival. I became a full-time student and friend of Master Fugate’s.

After a few years of training with him, I was Honored to become one of Master Fugate’s first Black Belts. He TRULY is one of the best Martial Arts Practitioners and Teachers around. If it’s real training with real results you want then look no further you have found it.

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